Effective February 1, 2013 Insuror Atlas will no longer be providing agency management software to Vision MGA of Texas or their agents for the Vision Auto program. "All questions regarding logins, functionality of software, reports, rating procedures, and policy issuance should be directed to Vision MGA of Texas.

TO: Insuror Atlas subscribers and Vision Managing General Agency appointed agents. Vision MGA as of January 31, 2013 began servicing their personal auto business on a new web site using an in-house software they have developed. Insuror Atlas does not provide any services and is not affiliated in any way with the Vision MGA web site or the software.
This does not affect the Vision MGA Fire Dwelling program software provided by Insuror Atlas. Vision MGA Fire Dwelling software remains hosted by Insuror Atlas at the Inuror Atlas web site www.insuroratlas.com. Policy access, payments, quotes and new business continue to be processed using the Atlas software. All questions regarding the Vision MGA auto program and software should be directed to Vision MGA in El Paso at one of the following number: (877) 987-7466

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